The asset management industry is increasingly facing a unique set of challenges that is putting pressure on its profit margins. Over the past few years, the pressure on margins has been gradually building up despite rising assets under management. Whilst the dollar cost of assets under management has remained stable, in absolute terms, operating cost has increased. This dynamic may not be sustainable given the mounting pressure on firms from clients to further lower their management fee.

Our Approach

We partner with you and offer a broad suite of investment and management consulting solutions to help you achieve your goals. On the investment side, we have developed a suite of analytical tools and investment processes to help you achieve your investment objectives. On the business side, we work with your management team to increase operational efficiencies and help you develop added value strategies and new distribution channels.


Investment Analytics

We engage with you to provide customised and holistic suite of investment solutions that span asset allocation, manager selection, portfolio construction, risk management and ongoing monitoring to address your specific objectives.

Multi Asset

We provide customised suite of multi-asset investment solutions. For asset managers we offer establishing the infrastructure to support the business, day to day management, portfolio development, setting up the investment process and operations, optimise investment and operational infrastructure, reducing costs, and improve better decision-making and risk management. For institutional investors, we offer custom portfolios and sub-advisory.

Performance & Risk Management

Creating and optimising the infrastructure needed for portfolio performance and risk analytics. Evaluation and delivery of in-house bespoke solutions or off the shelf products. Creating analytics at any level of detail for portfolio review, making sense of the numbers and their application in improving portfolio risk and performance.

Management & Business Development

We offer custom consulting services in management and business development for wealth and asset management companies. We help to improve investment outcomes by using advanced analytics, streamlining the investment management organisation and operating model, develop added value investment product range and new distribution channels to increase flow and revenue.

Product Strategy

We help you in developing new added value strategies, adjusting your existing product strategies for traditional and alternative investments, optimising existing offerings, and bringing new products to market.


We help clients to increase profitability through operational efficiencies. We review every step of the investment management business including investment process and operations, client reporting, risk management and regulation to ensure they are optimised, deliver accurate and efficient output and identify areas that could expose our clients to a potential financial loss or other risks.

Examples of our Consulting Partnership



A global fund management company managing single manager mutual funds and multi asset portfolios.


Required performance attribution & risk analysis application to help fund managers and provide reporting output for periodic fund review and client presentations.

Fund Analytics Solution

We conducted feasibility analysis for implementing an in-house solution versus off the shelf products. Leveraged in-house software development team expertise to design and developed systems to support a dynamic application. We designed multilevel dynamic analytics and created reporting functions to support fund managers and marketing team.



A European fund management company expanding their product range.


The company required multi manager and multi asset portfolios to add to their global equity and sustainable strategy product offering.

Fund Analytics Solution

We worked with the fund management company to design several model portfolios that best suited their specifications. We outlined sensitivity of the portfolios to different market conditions and how to this could be used to change asset allocation to optimise risk & return characteristics potentially more attractive than standard benchmarks.

Risk Considerations

Investing involves risks and you may lose your investment. The value of your investments depends in part on developments on the financial markets. There can be no guarantee that the investment objective of sub advised portfolios, or the returns sought by the portfolio will be achieved. Past performance is not a guide nor a reliable indicator of future performance.