Managed Portfolios
Managed Portfolios
Managed Portfolios

Managed Portfolios
Investing Made Simpler

Managed Portfolios

Managed Portfolios
Investing Made Simpler

Our managed portfolios are provided through Fondsstad, a separate business unit of Fund Analytics. They offer a convenient one-stop solution which can be ideal for investors who prefer a more hands-off approach to investing. You can choose to invest in one portfolio or in several, creating different risk profiles according to your allocation and leave the management to our experts.

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Investment Opportunities

Our investment strategies are focused on sustainable outperformance through a careful investment process and a balanced investment approach. Our goal is to generate alpha over a long-term investment horizon by identifying talented fund managers around the world who have consistent stock selection skills and a fundamental investment approach.


Active Management

Our strategies are actively managed and offer investors exposure to a globally diverse mix of asset classes and style through bond, equity and multi asset portfolios.

Investment Discipline

We have a very systematic and disciplined approach to investing. We analyse a universe of fund managers, understand their skill sets and how to combine these to create portfolios that are, relevant, robust and downside risk neutral.

Risk Management

Risk management is integrated in our investment philosophy and in our process. Intelligent risk management at multiple levels forms the core of this process.


Diversifies sources of returns

Our strategies offer a broad base of alpha from different markets, geographies and fund managers providing exciting opportunities and upside potential. Our research is focused on understanding and utilising the sources of returns.


Dynamic asset allocation

We identify the drivers of returns, including valuation and economic variables, to evaluate pockets of opportunities and utilising these together with geopolitical information to dynamically adjust exposure to asset classes.

Fund manager selection

We have developed a unique toolbox of methods and analysis to help us select fund managers. We conduct extensive and rigorous behavioural analysis to identify fund managers' skill sets and combine these to create portfolios that are diversified, flexible and relevant to investment opportunities of the time.


Multilayered risk management

Our focus is always on the downside risk resulting from potential geopolitical or specific investments. We minimise the former by understanding regional politics and policies and the latter through the traditional approach of controlling exposure to asset classes, markets, sectors and industries as well as individual fund managers.



Investing in traditional equity and bond funds with the aim of producing low risk positive returns in any calendar year. This is a core strategy with consistent returns and suitable for patient investors with long term investment horizon.


The emphasis is on long-term capital growth through the use of dynamic portfolio management in accordance with market conditions. The goal is to increase correlation with equity indices in rising markets, while trying to reduce correlation with in falling markets.


Investing in equity funds with the aim of outperforming major indices in rising and falling markets. Higher risk than defensive and moderate strategies with much higher potential return. Suitable for investors looking to have exposure to equity markets.

Institutional Investors

We offer institutional investors investment expertise, operational efficiency and greater transparency through investment management open architecture of sub-advisory and institutional mandate.

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Risk Considerations

Managed portfolios are provided through Fondsstad, a separate business unit of Fund Analytics. Investing involves risks and you may lose your investment. The value of your investments depends in part on developments on the financial markets. There can be no guarantee that the investment objective of a managed portfolio or the returns sought by the portfolio will be achieved. Past performance is not a guide nor a reliable indicator of future performance. Please bear in mind that our managed portfolios are offered without investment advice. Therefore, this means we aren’t required to assess the suitability of this product for you. If you’re not sure about investing or how much risk is appropriate for you, please seek financial advice.