Sub Advisory & Institutional Mandate

Sub advisory and institutional mandate provides investment expertise, operational efficiency, greater transparency and competitive pricing for investment managers and institutional investors. It is an ideal solution for clients looking to broaden their offerings, acquire the expertise of an external fund manager to manage a specific strategy within their existing funds or mandate, outsource the investment management function of their existing funds and focus their resources on client relationship, expanding your product offerings and increase your reach.

Our Approach

We utilise our in-house expertise as well as access to investment management open architecture to implement advisory and mandate solutions that can deliver your investment requirements. We work with you to address your specific objectives, whether it is the whole sub-advisory lifecycle or the individual components such as evaluation of initial business decision to outsource, project planning, implementations, monitoring and reporting, and tailor innovative solutions consistent with your strategic direction.


Investment Expertise

We provide customised and holistic suite of investment solutions that span asset allocation, manager selection, risk management and ongoing monitoring to address your specific objectives.


We are uniquely placed with ability to choose from a broad range of managers. We use a unique toolbox analytics and methods to help us select managers and combine their skill sets to create portfolios that are diversified, flexible and relevant to your investment objectives.


Operations is an integral part of sub advisory. It aids the processes that makes all work. We work with investment managers and sub advisors to protect the accuracy and efficiency at every step of the process including portfolio implementation and reporting. We constantly review operations processes to mitigate risk that could expose our clients to financial loss.


We offer individual investors access to our managed portfolios through Fondsstad. They offer a convenient one-stop solution which can be ideal for investors who prefer a more hands-off approach to investing. You can choose to invest in one portfolio or in several, creating different risk profiles according to your allocation and leave the management to our experts.

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Risk Considerations

Investing involves risks and you may lose your investment. The value of your investments depends in part on developments on the financial markets. There can be no guarantee that the investment objective of sub advised portfolios, or the returns sought by the portfolio will be achieved. Past performance is not a guide nor a reliable indicator of future performance.